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At VDUB we strive to make your Volkwagen repair affordable without sacrificing quality. We only repair what needs to be done to get your car running smoothly again, the way you expect it to run.


When replacing your brakes, we use coated rotors and OEM pads to ensure safe and quiet brake application.


We use OEM suspension components from manufacturers such as Lemförder, TRW, KYB, and Sachs.

Using VAG-COM VCDS scan tool, we can perform advanced diagnosis for multiple control modules, such as ECM, TCM, ABS, airbag, etc.



Perform electrical diagnosis for alternators, starters, batteries, battery draw tests.


We replace transmissions, clutches, replace dual-mass flywheel with solid conversions, as well as DSG flywheels, and service DSG transmissions.


Did you know Volkswagen recommends replacing the DSG oil filter and fluid every 64,000km?

We can replace your turbo or in many cases replacing the wastegate actuator may be all you need to get back up and running gain.  We use OEM part manufacturers like Garrett and KKK.

We can source and supply the parts you need if you would prefer to do maintenance yourself, at a cost below suggested retail.


TRW, Bilstein, Brembo, Bosch, Valeo, Sachs, Mann Filters, Continental, Hengst, Mahle, Beru, Hella, Sylvania, VDO, to name a few.

As you know, MK4 model Volkswagens were notorious for the window grips failing. We repair or replace parts as needed to restore proper window function.


It is crucial at the manufacturer- specified interval to have the timing belt replaced. These intervals vary between models. See the maintenance section of your owner's manual for the applicable interval. A timing belt will crack over time and can cause severe damage to the cylinder head if it fails.

We can perform more complex engine repairs such as replacing camshafts, replacing pistons and rings, changing head gaskets, and modifying oil pumps in Passat TDI's.

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